The Best Schitt's Creek Gifts to Give (and Get), Because We Love This Journey For You

Ew, David Schitt’s Creek Crew Neck Sweatshirt

There are a hundred and one things to love about Schitt’s Creek, and the great gift options that the show has provided us with comes in as reason number two of why we love it so much (reason number one, of course, being the hilarious montages it has blessed us with). Even though we’ll no longer get to see the Rose family together again (besides when we rewatch it for the twelfth time), we’ve found more than a couple things to remember them by. From wine glasses with the best one-liners from the show to accessories just like Moira and David’s, there’s something for every Schitt’s Creek fan to love. Whether they’re a little bit Alexis or they tend to be more like Johnny, these presents will have them saying the complete opposite of “ew (David).” See the best Schitt’s Creek gifts ahead, and if you’re a fan of the show, be sure to stock up on a couple for yourself . . . because we love this journey for you.

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