'The Last Dance' Producers Reportedly Working on Documentary on The D.O.C.

A documentary on The D.O.C. is reportedly in the works from the producers of The Last Dance.

The Dallas-born rapper’s frequent collobrator Erotic D announced the exciting piece of information in an episode of Conversations With Chad, also revealing that he and The D.O.C. are working on a new record. “We’ve been kicking around certain titles. We are working. We’ve also been shooting a documentary on Doc’s life. It’s been the same production company that shot the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. They were actually winning their Emmy award while they were shooting Doc’s documentary,” Erotic D explained. “I tell some pretty cool stories in that. It’s a real documentary where Doc invited everyone to speak openly about him — and it’s not all good.”

The D.O.C.’s last album dates back to 2003’s Deuce, which is also marked his second release following the rapper’s near-fatal car crash in 1989. In a 2015 interview, he mentioned that he had recorded two brand new songs but was not “ready to start making records today.”

Stay tuned for more info on the documentary and the album.

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