'The Transformers: The Movie' Receives a 35th-Anniversary SteelBook 4K UHD Release

This year marks the 35th-anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie and to celebrate the occasion, SHOUT! Factory is now offering to bring fans back to 1986 with a limited-edition SteelBook 4K UHD Blu-ray release of the film.

For those unfamiliar, The Transformers: The Movie is set in the year 2005 and follows the ongoing war between Optimus Prime’s Autobots and Megatron’s Decepticons as they fight for control over Cybertron, the Transformers’ home planet. In the midst of battle, a larger threat emerges: a colossal converting planet known as Unicron, which devours all in its path. Heading for Cybertron, Unicron becomes the ultimate enemy, and it’s down to the Autobots and their Matrix of Leadership to save their planet.

Of course, the SteelBook release will also come with a whole host of bonus features, including feature-length storyboards, deleted, alternate and extended scenes and sequences, a documentary about the film itself, audio commentary, and even the original theatrical trailers and TV spots.

For the Transformers fans out there, the SteelBook 4K UHD limited-edition release of The Transformers: The Movie will arrive August 3, and is now available for pre-order over at SHOUT! Factory for $29 USD.

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