The Unchi-Yaki Iron Makes Bite-Sized Poo-Pancake Snacks

There are waffle/pancake irons, and then there’s this — the unchi-yaki maker. Unchi, which translates to “poop,” and Yaki, anything that cooked over direct heat in Japan, come together for Hori Shoten’s playful grilled sweets maker.

The Unchi-Yaki maker shapes your typical batter into whimsical cartoon pancake poo bites. It tasks just two and a half minutes on each side to make six in the mold. On the box, there are even examples of different rainbow creations and one that uses extra chocolate for a realistic take on the comical snacks.

Priced at ¥1,430 JPY (approximately $13 USD), head over to Japan‘s Hori Shoten to pick one up now.

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