There's a Free-to-Play 'Squid Game' Clone on Steam

Following the massive success of Netflix‘s Squid Game, it didn’t take long until gamers started making clones of the show’s iconic mini-games on other platforms like GTA Online, but for those who don’t have access to Rockstar‘s title, worry not: Steam has now come to the rescue with a free-to-play clone called Crab Game.

Created by Norwegian developer Dani — who is also responsible for the summer blockbuster rogue-lite Muck — Crab Game is a completely free PC game mimicking many of the events on the massively popular Korean series. Donning a blue tracksuit instead of a green one, you and your friends will be able to participate in games such as Red Light, Green Light and Glass Stepping Stones on top of a range of other additions including King of the Hill, Hide and Seek, or Splat, which carries a similar concept as Splatoon.

According to Kotaku, the gameplay is “basically like Death Run in Garry’s Mod, if it had a Spirit Halloween Squid Game skin on.” To make the game even more hilarious, Dani also included a proximity voice chat function with a twist: everyone sounds like they’re yelling out of a muffled megaphone, and though you can disable the feature, it’s definitely part of the full experience of Crab Game.

For those interested, Crab Game is now free to download and play over on Steam.

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