This Heart-Racing $13 Board Game Will Turn You Into The Ultimate Spy

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Got the summer boredom blues already? Tired of sitting on the sofa next to your partner, siblings, or family while you all mindlessly scroll through the internet and fail to interact? Just looking for a new fun excuse to get your friends together?

Then I have a newsflash for you!! You’ve gotta try Codenames, a game that turns everyone into super spies and that you can learn in five minutes then play for hours without a single dull moment. Even if you only have one other person to play with!

The word should relate to a few of the codenames that belong to your team, and the number is how many of the codenames on the table that hint word could apply to. So if two of your codenames were “star” and “heart”, the spymaster might say “shapes, two.”

After getting the clue, the team members work together to decide which card they want to guess is one of their team’s cards. If they get it right, that team’s spymaster claims it with an agent card in their color.

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