This One Thing Made Beyoncé Nervous at the Lion King Premiere

Beyoncé is practically the center of the universe. But it turns out even superstars gets starstruck, and it sounds like Beyoncé and Meghan Markle were nervous to meet at the Lion King Premiere. Apparently, premiere guests were emailed a list of royal protocol to follow when meeting the Duchess of Sussex and husband Prince Harry — and all guests in attendance were worried about keeping up, even, reportedly, Beyoncé herself.

When Billy Eichner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he revealed new details about the red carpet experience at the Lion King premiere, including key insight into Beyonce’s state of mind. “We were all kind of nervous, even Beyoncé,” he told Kimmel, who interjected: “Really? They should be bowing to her!” Eicher agreed: “She’s our American royalty.” But it wasn’t just an issue of status that had Bey worried: “What makes you nervous is in the days leading up to it, they email you a protocol of how you’re supposed to greet Prince Harry and they’re very intense about it. I’m not kidding.” Yikes!

Eichner went on to reveal the complex procedures the cast and crew were briefed on before their meeting with the royals. According to Eichner, “You’re supposed to say, ‘Your Royal Highness.’ You can’t speak until your hands are in a handshake with his.” Funnily enough, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z did ultimately break protocol — but not one of the rules Eichner mentioned. The power couple arrived on the red carpet after Harry and Meghan did, and were criticized for having “upstaged” the royals. We’re pretty sure Beyoncé can’t help upstaging the rest of the world, but whatever.

As for Meghan’s side of things: ET reports a source as saying the Duchess was “nervous” to meet Beyoncé too — so really, a nerve-wracking moment for both of these stars. In the end, it does seem like Beyoncé was able to keep a cool head, sharing an amazing moment with Meghan. She reportedly referred to the Duchess of Sussex as “my princess” and congratulated the couple on the arrival of baby Archie. Never let ’em see you sweat, B!

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