This Royal Expert Claims Meghan Markle Will Undergo This ‘Huge Money-Spinner’ Like Prince Harry

The last half of 2023 has been all about wondering what Meghan Markle will do with her rebrand, especially after she and Prince Harry claimed they were done talking about their times as royals. Many believe she’ll go right back to her blogging days, while others are convinced she’s got some acting gigs lined up. However, a royal expert believes she’s going to take a page out of Harry’s book.

Revenge: Meghan and Harry and the war between the Windsors author and royal expert Tom Bower recently told GBNews that he claims Meghan is working on multiple memoirs as we speak.

He claimed: “My information is that she is writing her memoirs and it will be a huge money-spinner.”

Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard musings of a possible memoir or two from Meghan. After the ground-breaking success from Harry’s memoir Spare, many are convinced she’ll follow soon after with a memoir of her own, detailing her life as an actress, royal, and philanthropist.

Ever since late 2022, reports have come in about Meghan contemplating writing her own memoirs, and being 100 percent candid about everything.

Now, Harry and Meghan signed a $20 million multi-book deal with Random House. While we know Spare was a major success and Meghan published her children’s book The Bench with the company, people are still trying to figure out what the last couple of books could be.

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