This week’s new music playlist: Tara Lily, Jelani Blackman, MorMor

We’ve rounded up every new song you need on your radar… 

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for some new music to see in the long weekend, and this week we have everything from summer closers to Carnival-ready tunes.

Here’s every song you need on your radar this week. 

  • 1. Jelani Blackman: Comfy

    London rapper and singer Jelani Blackman has teamed up with buzzy South African artist Moonchild Sanelly and Leicester rapper Trillary Banks to bestow us with the perfect pre-Carnival song. “It’s about feeling comfortable, and when you do, how much your energy just radiates out and people catch it,” Jelani says.

  • 2. Tara Lily: Hotel Amour

    Singer Tara Lily makes music that fuses her experiences growing up in a working-class Bengali family in Peckham, with her background as a classically trained jazz musician. Her new song Hotel Amour draws on time she spent in a Parisian hotel and her all-blue room following a spat with somebody she was seeing.

  • 3. Tegan and Sara: Faded Like A Feeling

    Canadian duo Tegan and Sara are on the cusp of releasing their 10th album, Crybaby, and for new song Faded Like A Feeling they’re bearing their skill for a killer ballad. Sara has described the track as this record’s Call It Off, a “simple, stripped down, emotional gut punch” that looks at the shifting trajectories of relationships.

  • 4. MorMor: Seasons Change

    Toronto indie-pop artist Seth Nyquist, aka MorMor, has dropped a new dreamy groove-inspired track to softly ease us out of summer. “Seasons Change is a song about the constraints of time,” he explains. “The sentiment is that if you are to live once, why not give into your natural desires?” 

  • 5. Stella Explorer: House Arrest

    Stockholm-based singer, songwriter and producer Stella Explorer has just released her debut EP Dorkay House. Melancholic, genre-spanning lead track House Arrest is reflective of the long line of musicians she comes from, from the underground concert halls of apartheid South Africa to film studios in Scandinavia.

  • 6. Joji: Yukon

    Japan-born singer and producer Joji has just announced his much-hyped new album, Smithereens, which will be released in September. He’s also dropped a brand new track, Yukon, along with a psychedelic music video, which combines delicate piano touches with whispers of drum’n’bass.

Images: Nadia Otshudi

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