Twitter Now Asks You to Review Harmful Tweets Before Sending

In the last few months, Twitter has taken it upon itself to review how users engage with its social media platform. For example, it trialed an undo button back in March, has asked for user input regarding how it approaches and serves rules to world leaders, and has started to explore the world of emoji reactions. However, in light of some of the platform’s less-than-favorable tweets, it is now re-rolling out a system that asks you to review your message before sending it based on the context.

The system is for those who may have sent something they’ll regret later on (we’ve all been caught in a heated Twitter moment, after all). If Twitter deems the language harmful or offensive, it will prompt you to review your message before sending it.

After feedback from the Twitter community, the Jack Dorsey-headed platform announced that it will include more information about why you are seeing the review prompt, and it also said it has “improved how we consider the context of the conversation before showing a prompt.”

The new system is now being effectively trialed on iOS, Android and web versions of Twitter. Hopefully, you won’t have to come across the message, but thankfully it’s there to help — just in case.

In related news, Twitter has also rolled out a new “tip jar” feature that means you can now get paid for your tweets.
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