We Only Need 10 Answers To Determine What % Social Introvert You Actually Are

  1. Catching up with a friend in the corner of the room.Showing everyone a funny meme.Twerking in the middle of the room.Lol, what party? I’m home, sucka.

  2. I have every single day planned out.I have a rough itinerary mapped out.I’m probably not going to think about it until a few days before.I like to live in the moment and rarely plan out my vacations.

  3. Incredibly content with my decision to stay in. I bet they all wish they’d stayed in, too.Wondering if it’s too late to stop by.Feeling all kinds of FOMO.Kind of annoyed, but not enough to want to do anything about it.

  4. Be eager to start. Nothing like collaborative work to get my brain going!Make sure that each person is delegated an equal amount of work.Do the whole thing myself and let the rest of the group off the hook.Be pretty chill about it, as long as no one on the team is obnoxiously loud.

  5. ZeroOneTwoThree or more

  6. ZeroOneTwoThree or four.

  7. Lol, I’m the friend taking the selfie.I’m photobombing them in the back.I’m off to the side, hoping no one asks me to be in the picture.I’m the friend making sure they’re getting the best lighting.

  8. A person I’ve known for years and years, who knows literally everything about me.I prefer to have many different friends, rather than a close circle of a select few.I have a handful of people I’d consider my best friends.I don’t know if I have one. Most people just don’t get me.

  9. I would honestly rather die alone.I restrict them to about one every few months because of how exhausting they are.Depends on the person! Generally don’t hate ’em though.I love meeting new people, especially on first dates!

  10. If you don’t know me, do not come within three meters of me.At least as far as my arm reaches.Like, a foot?As long as you’re not touching me, you can come as close to me as you want.

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