Westside Gunn's 'AND THEN YOU PRAY FOR ME' Will Be His Last Studio Album

Westside Gunn revealed that his upcoming project AND THEN YOU PRAY FOR ME will be his final studio album.

Sharing the news via Rolling Stone, the Griselda titan teased that the record is his “best work” yet. “It’s something for everybody. It is enough to be a double album,” he stated, adding that he will still be releasing music but not in the traditional studio LP format. “I’m not saying I won’t come with a five-song EP with Madlib or I won’t do a seven-song EP with Alchemist or I won’t rap. I’ll do all of that, but making a studio album, I’m done with all that. It’s back to dumping until I don’t want to dump no more. I’m going to have fun now. It’s no more pressure.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gunn explained that his appearance at Paris Fashion Week 2020 was the major source of creativity for his projects that followed, including his forthcoming album. “I didn’t feel [inspiration] like that since Virgil [Abloh] invited me out there,” he shared. “I wanted to record again. I got the studio and I started making the album. Last time, I went back [to America] and it was Grammy Week [and] Roc Nation Brunch [going on]. This time, I actually stayed overseas. I didn’t even come back.” He then went on to spend a few months abroad doing “super Flygod shit,” including enjoying life’s luxuries, travelling and honing skills in music and fashion, which resulted in the 21-track project that he calls “a masterpiece.”

Westside Gunn’s AND THEN YOU PRAY FOR ME drops October 13.

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