Woman’s easy hack for making porridge taste ‘incredible’ has intrigued thousands

There's nothing quite like a bowl of warm porridge on a cold morning, but what if there was something you could do to make that breakfast even better?

Well, one woman claims there is a way to take your porridge consumption to the next level.

YouTuber Natalie Tran has revealed the ingredient she adds to the top of her porridge and claims it makes it taste "incredible".

The Australian explained all on Twitter and her post has since gone viral, with many people unsure what to make of it.

Her tweet reads: "About 16 years ago, my first boyfriend's father told me to forget adding sweet stuff to porridge and try using a dollop of butter instead.

"About a week ago I started (vg butter) and not to be dramatic, but it's incredible and I might add him to my will."

More than 2,400 people liked her post with numerous users commenting to share their thoughts.

One person replied: "I'm here for this. I'm adding butter to everything these days."

Another commented: "I can't wait to try this tomorrow with my breakfast. My porridge will be WOKE."

A third added: "This sounds like something that is vile to witness but heavenly to experience."

However not everyone was convinced and some began sharing their own preferred toppings instead.

"The Scots and Scandis have been adding salt to their porridge for like, ever, and it's the best," replied a different user.

Someone else wrote: "Savory porridge with miso, trust me."

Another proclaimed: "Will DM you my contact details because you're probably going to want to thank me in person for this… drop the butter and add organic peanut butter. I prefer crunchy, but it's magnificent regardless. With cinnamon, nutmeg and a dash of vanilla if you want the full experience."

Others confessed that they liked to add Vegemite to theirs, Greek yoghurt and fruit or golden syrup.

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