xydrobe and Dr. Barbara Sturm to Launch New London-Based Virtual Reality Experience "Pause"

xydrobe, a new and exclusive VR destination, has announced its brand-new partnership with aesthetics, skincare, and anti-inflammatory pioneer, Dr. Barbara Sturm.

Together, the new collaborators will be working to create a “one-of-a-kind immersive experience,” titled “Pause.” The hybrid physical-virtual world will be available to experience this Fall/Winter in xydrobe’s Mayfair flagship, a stone’s throw from Dr. Sturm’s Mount Street Spa & Boutique.

xydrobe prides itself as a “luxury virtual reality destination,” offering ticketed access to original and exclusive experiences both in the virtual world and the physical.

Guests of the space will immerse themselves in a guided journey through exclusive physical exhibits and treatments, along with bespoke refreshments and access to original short films inside the xydrobe — which is a single-person multisensory CR unit that houses human eye-level visuals, surround sound, scent, and wind.

Further information about the new “Pause” experience by Dr. Barbara Sturm is set to be revealed over the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out the sneak-peak trailer above, along with a very limited number of first-release tickets at the introductory price of £129 GBP.

In other news, Apple has launched iOS 17.
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