You Can Now Drive a Miniature Replica of the Ferrari Testa Rossa

If you don’t have $40m USD laying around and always wanted to drive a Ferrari Testa Rossa, you’re sort of in luck. The Italian automaker has partnered with The Little Car Company on a model, entitled the Ferrari Testa Rossa J, which is three-fourths the size of the original.

This mini-me is like one of those kids cars you used to drive from Toys R’ Us, but on steroids — fully equipped with a removable 12kW electric powertrain battery, four different driving modes — novice, comfort, sport and race — along with leather interior in a gorgeous aluminum body and Pirelli Tires.

This car is no ripoff of the original, the attention to detail is remarkably identical to the Ferrari Testa Rossa, which debuted back in 1957. The Ferrari Testa Rossa J is limited to just 299 units worldwide and comes with a unique VIN number and the original Ferrari badge as the cherry on top. To purchase one, contact the Beverly Hills Ferrari dealership and choose from 53 customizable options.

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