15 best nail lamps to get a salon-quality manicure at home

EVERYONE feels better about life when their nails are on fleek.

But forking out to get them done every two weeks isn't always feasible, so why not try out a gel manicure from home with one of the best nail lamps around.

You save money, time and still achieve gorgeous talons to take on everything, from job interviews to big nights out.

With the best nail lamps, professional-looking manicures – that last – have never been easier to achieve at home, on your sofa, in your PJs. Here's what you need to know.

What is the difference between UV and LED nail lamps?

Gel manicures, which last two to three weeks, are fab since you can find virtually any colour you’re after in a gel nail polish shade.

The nail polish just needs to be painted on before its cured under a UV or LED nail lamp – LED lamps can cure gel polish in under 45 seconds, while UV lamps take two or three minutes.

UV lamps contain the same light you’ll find in the sun or a tanning bed, and have a bad rap as a result.

If you purchase a UV nail lamp to use at home, wearing fingerless gloves or high-protection SPF on your hands is recommended to minimise skin ageing or damage.

LED lamps also emit UV radiation, so it makes sense to protect your hands in the same way if you’re using one of them.

with one of these nail lamps and you can watch Netflix throughout the whole process. Bliss.

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