3 Luxury Homes Of Dr. Phil, Ranked By Worth

Phil McGraw is the man better known to the world as Dr. Phil. With his Oprah Winfrey-backed daytime talk show of the same name going strong after 19 seasons (since 2002) focusing on mental health, working out dysfunction, treating addiction, reuniting families, and more recently, helping catfish and romance scam victims see the light, Dr. Phil has made a name for himself by slinging self-help to viewers at home with a side of Southern-fried catchphrases such as, “I don’t care how flat you make a pancake, it’s got two sides” and apparently, that line of work pays a penny pretty enough to buy a few Beverly Hills mansions which Dr. Phil has helped himself to over the years. In fact, Phil McGraw reportedly pulls in a salary of 61 million per year and has a net worth of approximately 460 million. Here, we’ve rounded up three of the good doctor’s most well-known luxury homes.

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3 The Tim Burton-Themed Mansion – $5 Million

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The Tim Burton-themed mansion once owned by Dr. Phil was a 2007 purchase for a flat $5,000,000. The home, lived in by the talk show host and his wife, Robin for a few years, went viral in 2011 for its Tim Burton theme. The mansion was ever owned by or decorated by the American film director but the designers of the home, Mogul Design, were apparently fans of Burton because most of the 6,170 square feet pays homage to Burton in some way. Does this mean that Dr. Phil is a Burton fan? It would seem so because it’s hard to get away from the theme with the home’s whimsical vine-wrapped gates being the first indication that this isn’t your typical Los Angeles mansion. The vine theme continues in the home’s main staircase which is inspired from Burton’s 2010 movie Alice in Wonderland. Most of the rooms in the 5 bedroom, 6 bath home are painted black or dark colors including the Saint George lion-headed legged pool table which retails for around ten thousand dollars.

A massive fountain in the backyard is an exact replica of the fish creature fountain that Jack Skellington stands on in Burton’s 1993 hit The Nightmare Before Christmas. In 2011, Dr. Phil’s love for the Burton theme ran cold or he was just ready to move on because he listed the home for $6.35 million. When no buyers came knocking, he gifted the themed mansion to his younger son, Jordan.

The youngest McGraw used the house as a crash pad for his Hundred Handed bandmates and moved in a recording studio.

“The whole place, the idea is kind of Tim Burton threw up on a canvas and it turned into a house,” Jordan McGraw once said of the unique abode.

But by January 2020, he moved his recording studio out and was also ready to move on when he listed it for $5.75 million. This time, the house was picked up quickly by socialite Anna Shay who paid the asking price.

Shay likely also acquired the anthropomorphic mouse-esque figures that adorn the home and several pieces of Jordan McGraw’s art collection such as the firearms collection behind a glass panel which apparently is an anti-weapon art installation piece.

Shay likely also enjoys the Spanish-style pool and hot tub, cabana, outdoor dining space, and the theater room with jumbo-sized lavender velvet seating area that comes with this interesting luxury home.

2 The Contemporary Villa-Style Mansion – $7.5 Million

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The contemporary villa-styled mansion once owned by Dr. Phil was perhaps his first Los Angeles mansion purchase. In 2002, he spent $7.5 million to acquire the whopping 31,000 square foot home. With eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms plus a detached two bedroom guest house, the mansion had enough space to accommodate the entire McGraw clan and then some. The home also featured a putting green, a temperature-controlled wine room, a home theater, a billiard room, and a gym but Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin had bigger dreams in mind when they put the home up for sale in 2010 with a hugely inflated price tag of $16.5 million. The home didn’t sell until the McGraws slashed the price down the $12 million which was still a nice profit.

1 The Alamo Mission-Style Mansion – $29.5 Million

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One of Dr. Phil’s largest purchases hits close to home. Though located physically in Dr. Phil’s beloved Beverly Hills, the mansion resembles the Alamo Mission located in San Antonio, Texas – Dr. Phil’s home state. The mansion boasts 15,000 square feet, 5 large bedrooms, 9 full bathrooms, 2 half-bathrooms, a detached guest house with 1 bathroom above the garage, a lighted tennis court, a drawing room, a game/media room, library, and swimming pool, all with the same charming and rustic theme.

If Dr. Phil follows his mansion-buying pattern, it is only a matter of time before this glorious piece of real estate hits the market like the ones before it.

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