310lb woman loses 150LBS after being told her obesity would kill her

Obese woman who was told she would DIE if she didn’t lose weight shows off her INCREDIBLE transformation after undergoing ‘life-saving’ surgery that helped her to shed 150LBS

  • Natalie Vargas, 31, from Los Angeles, has battled obesity for years, however she reached breaking point when doctors warned she was facing early death
  • By age 28, the pharmaceutical manufacturing technician weighed 310lbs and wore size 4XL clothing – and her size put her at risk of type 2 diabetes 
  • She tried to lose weight naturally by exercising and eliminating fatty foods, but she had to abandon her workouts because of a knee injury caused by her weight 
  • Doctors warned that she needed to continue her weight loss by undergoing knee surgery or getting a gastric sleeve – so she chose the latter 
  • Natalie had 80 per cent of her stomach removed during the September 2019 procedure – and has since shed an impressive 150lbs 
  • She has also discovered a love of fitness and healthy eating, and says her life has been completely transformed by her weight loss 

A woman who spent decades battling obesity has revealed how she turned her life around by undergoing life-saving weight loss surgery that helped her to half her weight – after doctors told her she could die if she didn’t slim down.  

Pharmaceutical manufacturing technician Natalie Vargas, 31, from Los Angeles, had always struggled with her weight due to a lack of exercise and her love for food and partying.

By the age 28, Natalie weighed 310lbs and wore size 4XL clothing. She was told by doctors that she was at serious risk of developing life-threatening health conditions including type 2 diabetes and was heading for an early grave if she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight.

Transformed: Natalie Vargas, 31, from Los Angeles, is proudly showing off her incredible new figure after losing a whopping 150lbs with the help of gastric surgery 

Before: The pharmaceutical manufacturing technician says she spent years struggling with her weight, which reached 310lbs by the time she was 28 

Change: Doctors warned Natalie that she was headed for an early grave if she didn’t shed weight, so she decided to undergo a gastric sleeve procedure to aid her health journey

Shocked by this news, Natalie lost 50lbs over the next two years by following a strict diet and exercise regime; she swapped her hamburgers and fries for grilled chicken and vegetables and even began to visit the gym twice per day, doing a combination of cardio and weights to shed the pounds.

However Natalie’s weight loss efforts lasted just 18 months before a recurring knee injury, which was caused by her obesity, put an end to her new routine. Natalie was left wondering if she would ever be able to lose the weight required to avoid seriously damaging her health.

Her doctor presented her with two options: to have knee surgery in order to repair the damage caused by her weight, or to consider weight loss surgery in order to alleviate the pressure her weight was putting on her knee joints.

Despite the terrifying thought of undergoing weight loss surgery, Natalie understood that it was her one real chance to lose the weight required to lead a long and healthy life.

On September 6, 2019, Natalie underwent a vertical sleeve gastrectomy – during which 80 per cent of her stomach was removed in order to reduce her appetite. 

‘I had been wanting to lose weight for quite a while and I had changed my eating habits and was going to the gym twice a day but my knee started messing up and I had to stop,’ Natalie explained.

‘After having a consultation with my primary physician, she gave me two options. She said, “You can get knee surgery or you can look into a bariatric surgery that might save your knee and even your life.”

‘I felt worried but I knew I needed a change in my life. I was scared – scared to die. Scared to not lose enough weight and for my last hope to lose weight to be a complete failure.

‘However, I knew I needed a reset in my life and I needed it now. Since my weight loss, I’ve experienced life in a new way.’  

Natalie now eats just 1,200 calories per day compared to the 3,000 calories she was consuming at her heaviest. 

Since the surgery, Natalie has lost a further 100lbs bringing her weight to just 160lbs – almost half what it was when she first began her mission to slim down. She now wears a size 10.

Previously Natalie received backhanded compliments about her weight such as, ‘You have a pretty face for a big girl.’ However, she now gets dozens of positive comments online each week from strangers who tell her that she looks ‘beautiful’ and ‘hot’ and is an inspiration for others trying to lose weight. 

Once a hater of outdoor activities, Natalie has a new-found a passion for spontaneous adventures. With her weight loss putting an end to her knee problems, she has even become an avid runner and loves to jog along the beach near her home in Los Angeles.

‘I used to hate outdoor activities and now I can’t wait for my next adventure.

‘I actually became the woman I’ve wished I was when I was younger – the healthy woman running on the beach.

‘I’ve exceeded my own expectations and I’ve accomplished more than I’ve ever thought I would have in a year.’ 

Natalie explained that she waited so long to make changes to her lifestyle, because she had grown accustomed to her size, and had convinced herself that she would never be able to achieve serious weight loss.  

‘It seemed so unrealistic to ever think I was going to be thin and healthy. I felt unhealthy but I was happy with myself as I had no other choice but to learn to be happy with my body,’ she said. 

Focus: As well as undergoing her surgery, Natalie has also transformed her diet, swapping fast food for healthy dishes like grilled chicken and vegetables 

Meals: A typical meal now consists of a protein shake for breakfast, followed by grilled chicken and cauliflower rice for lunch and yogurt with trail mix for dinner

Guidance: ‘For those looking to lose weight, my advice would be to immediately ask for help,’ Natalie said

How Natalie transformed her diet 


Breakfast: McDonald’s

Lunch: Hamburgers, fries and soda

Dinner: Five Mexican tortillas with various fillings 


Breakfast: Protein shake 

Lunch: Frilled chicken and cauliflower rice 

Dinner: Yogurt with trail mix  

However, that didn’t mean that Natalie didn’t struggle with the comments that people made around her weight; while she found some observations funny, some of the remarks that strangers made were incredibly hurtful.

‘My mother would always say, “The last time I saw you thin was when you were born,” which I found really funny,’ she recalled. ‘People would say, “You have a very pretty face for a big girl.”

‘I learned to ignore these unsolicited, hurtful comments.’ 

She continued: ‘People say that I look great which is nice, but the best comments are from people who say that I motivate and inspire them to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.’

Natalie is convinced that weight loss surgery is the best thing to ever happen to her, as it has given her a second chance at life.

Natalie previously ate breakfast at McDonald’s, followed hamburgers, fries and soda for lunch and five Mexican tortillas for dinner.

A typical day’s food now consists of a protein shake for breakfast, followed by grilled chicken and cauliflower rice for lunch and yogurt with trail mix for dinner.

‘For those looking to lose weight, my advice would be to immediately ask for help,’ Natalie said.

‘Get in touch with your doctor and they can refer you to a nutritionist that can help you learn how to eat if you don’t want to take the surgery route.

‘If you want to take the surgery route, I know that you won’t regret it.

‘It was the reset that I needed to start from zero and learn to eat all over again. It changed my life.’

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