50-year-old shares totally free secret to looking 35 – no pain no gain

Doctor Oz tries out ice water anti-ageing technique in 2019

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The anti-ageing industry is beloved by people all over the world. Many women spend an endless supply of money on not looking their age. A 50-year-old with a skin “age” of 35 shared her totally free secret.

Meli appeared on The Doctor Oz Show to speak to surgeon turned presenter Dr Oz about her skincare routine.

At 50 years old, she is lucky enough to have a skincare age of just 35.

However, this is not just a case of good genes; Meli swears by a completely free method of anti-ageing.

She stated: “Well, I have a couple of secrets.” One of these is an easy facial that she does at home.

Meli continued: “I use Sunflower Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. You can just break open a capsule and put it in.

“You massage it in after a hot shower – I do it while I watch TV at night.”

The ageless beauty shared that this daily practice is “relaxing” and “takes the stress out of your face”, leaving her with a “glow” each morning.

Meli’s second anti-ageing is not one for the faint hearted but is totally free.

She said: “Dr Oz, this is the no pain, no gain technique.

This tip involves dunking your head in ice water for 10 to 15 seconds after washing your face.

Meli explained: “It sounds crazy. It’s an old Hollywood technique – movie stars do it.”

The benefits to applying ice water to the skin are plenty; it can decrease inflammation, reduce puffiness, improve the appearance of skin tone, minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, improve superficial wrinkles, remove toxins and reduce inflammation.

And this freezing cold technique serves a dual purpose, with Meli adding: “And the best part of it is, you don’t need coffee.”

Harnessing the power of ice for skincare purposes has become a popular trend in recent years, with ice rollers becoming key staples of the anti-ageing industry.

The 45-year-old Noreen also took to the stage to share her secret to looking far younger than she is.

Looking almost half her age, Noreen has a skin age of 26 – which is surprising considering she also has a 21 year old son!

She explained that she credits her youthful looks to an anti-inflammatory diet.

One of her favourite recipes is something she calls “No Puff Pancakes”.

“There’s flaxseed, coconut flour, coconut flakes – even my kids love them.” She tops them off with a handful of anti-inflammatory, described by Healthline as “the King of antioxidant foods”.

Vera, 71, with a skin age of 52 credited stewed prunes as her “secret” to anti-ageing.

Constipation sees toxins and waste re-absorbed back into the bloodstream and exited through the skin – however prunes combat constipation.

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