6 Autumnal Candles To Help You Truly Embrace Spooky Season

Because it’s going to be a long few months.

When I tell people I hate summer, they usually stare at me with this incredulous look as if they’re a six year old who’s just had Father Christmas ruined for them. But then I go into why autumn is just superior in every sense, and they begin to come around. This time of year has all the best things: pumpkin spice lattes, warm cosy blankets, crisp orange leaves, and that light chill, which still allows for a jacket rather than a coat. And when it comes to making your home cosy, there’s nothing better than a new autumn candle to get things feeling vibey.

Luckily, beauty brands are coming up trumps with their new candle offerings, and the levels of autumnal joy are off the charts. Whether you want something super smokey and earthy or lighter with a touch of green florals, there’s definitely one out there for you. And iven the amount of time we are likely to spent inside in our own spaces this season (thanks, COVID), you can totally justify this expense, IMO.

I’ve collated a small edit of the best new autumn candles out now to celebrate this awesome time of year. Enjoy!

Still London’s new trio of candles are absolutely perfect for this time of year. The packaging is very classy and autumnal, and the scents are all very earthy and suit warm, cosy evenings in. My favourite is Moss, which smells like trees during a crisp winter walk. The dream.

Loewe candles were always going to be boujee as hell, and the Liberty exclusive collection certainly met expectations. It may be super spenny, but just *think* of all the ways you can use this heavyset jar afterwards. If you love liquorice, give this one a try.

Boy Smells is my favourite candle brand of all time, hands down. The amazing scents, the Instagrammable packaging, and the inclusive, diverse messaging the brand stands for all draw in their thousands of fans. Their new Hypernature range features this insane metallic purple jar, filled with a candle that smells like ‘white birch, lush ivy and wild figs.’ In short: October in a jar.

This is a lovely option for those who prefer a lighter autumn candle or for anyone who just doesn’t have a lot of £££ to drop on a single candle. It features notes of Dutch tulip, Japanese Yuzu, spices, and warm sandalwood for the perfect combination.

Trust Aesop to make candles the classiest autumnal affair. The brand’s new trio was created alongside long-term collaborator Barnabe Fillion, and was inspired by astronomy. Each named after famous astronomers, Ptolemy looks like it could well be my favourite, with woody and earthy notes such as cedar, cypress and vetiver. Out Monday, Oct. 5.

The pièce de résistance with a boujee as hell price tag to match, you can’t get much better than one of Jo Malone London’s Townhouse candles, which come in four scents including this divine Glowing Embers option. It literally smells like a log-burning fire, which to me, is the epitome of this time of year. Pure luxury.

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