7 Best Alcohol-Free Prosecco 2021 | The Sun UK

JUST because you fancied giving up or cutting down on alcohol, that doesn't mean you can't raise a glass in toast when you're celebrating. You'll just have to do it in style with a glass of the best alcohol-free prosecco around.

The Italian sparkling wine is one of the country's most popular drinks. So when people are cutting down on the booze to try and improve their health, they shouldn't have to settle for a soft drink.

Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming more mainstream by the day. They are no longer the domain of just the supermarkets, appearing more and more in restaurants nationwides, in a variety of styles and flavours.

Soft drinks are fine every now and then – but when you're hanging out with friends, it can be tempting to indulge in the booze they're all drinking, unless you have an alternative that's just as good.

Alcohol-free prosecco can carry all the taste, with none of the hangover. Companies have experimented for years to perfect the flavours and we've never lived in a better time to try the fizzy stuff out.

If you need help narrowing down the best non-alcoholic prosecco, our guide will find some fantastic fizz for you.

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