A Pair of These Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands Sells Every 5 Minutes on Amazon

Let’s face it — thigh chafing sucks. Nobody wants irritated, burning red thighs every time they step out during the summer, but unfortunately, it happens to a lot of us. While there are tons of solutions out there from anti-chafe balms to bike shorts, they don’t all work or make you feel totally comfortable. At their worst, they can even get messy (looking at you, baby powder). However, Amazon shoppers seem to have found a simple solution that works so well, over 2,600 users stand behind it: the Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands.

Bandelettes are so popular that one pair sells every five minutes on the retail giant’s site, making them the number one best-sellers in Amazon’s hosiery category. The nylon thigh bands come in 12 different colors and two styles, and are meant to be slipped around each thigh to prevent your skin from rubbing together. They come in six sizes (measured A through F, from 21 inches to 32 inches), have silicone lining around the top and bottom for anti-slippage, and can be worn under everything from dresses to shorts. One of Bandelettes biggest appeals to shoppers are its lace designs, which resemble lingerie and make users feel “sexy” and “pretty” — like they’re actually wearing an accessory as opposed to “granny panties.”

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To buy: $17–$19; amazon.com

“Bandelettes have been a complete blessing. They look like lingerie and don't make you feel like you're wearing granny panties under your clothes. They don't look like something you're wearing ‘to keep your thighs from rubbing’ — just like an attractive addition to your garment, an accessory,” one shopper wrote. “When I first pulled them out, I worried about the fit. If you measure like they ask you to, you really have nothing to worry about. These are NOT tight, nor do they feel snug. They fit comfortably and stay up nicely. I tend to buy loose clothing (especially pants) and I have no complaints on how these fit. You can feel that they work as soon as you try them on. Where skin used to grip, it now just glides easily past. The lace is not scratchy and holds it's pattern well when put on.”

Users say that the lace thigh bands are soft to the touch, don’t leave any marks or dig into your skin, and most importantly, stay in place — even through getting wet or walking around for hours. In fact, one InStyle writer deemed them one of her “go-to undergarments” after trying them out.

Another customer enthusiastically wrote, “I have worn these on hot, humid days, to weddings while doing tons of dancing, gotten sweaty and I have had no issues. My husband also threw them through the washer/dryer by accident and they are still as perfect as ever. (Purchased the black, lace ones.) I have had no issues with the lace pilling or pulling apart. I have appointed myself to be an honorary spokesperson for these bad boys because I can't help but tell everyone how amazing they really are. Don't hesitate and buy!”

Plus, Bandelettes come in regular, solid styles if you prefer that over lace (or want to try out both). For just under $20 a pair, you can definitely stock up, and hopefully say goodbye to chafed thighs for good.

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