Account showcases some of the worst home décor misses

Design disasters! Baffling home décor decisions include a chair made out of radiators and a half-finished staircase

  • Social media users shared interesting interior design decisions in snaps online
  • One image features a half-finished staircase, where a decorator gave up midway 
  • Another shows chairs made out of radiators, which may not be very comfortable

Taste is a subjective thing, and we all have our own preferences when it comes to decor, as these images show. 

Social media users from around the world shared snaps of the very interesting interior design decisions they have seen, from a room full of panda toys to uncomfortable-looking chairs made out of radiators.

The photographs , including an extractor fan wedged behind a wall, were collated on an Instagram account called Please Hate These Things. 

One of the more unusual examples was a faucet which was threaded through an empty shelf.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the worst design fails to make you feel better about your own interior decorating skills…

Social media users shared snaps of the very interesting interior design decisions they have seen, including this decorator who seemed to get bored halfway through building these stairs in a home in the US

Stuck in the middle! One person shared a snap of an air vent in the middle of a shower, wedged on the wall in another strange décor decision

Water mess! A calamitous choice was made by a different person, who threaded a tap faucet through a shelf 

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The hot seat! One social media user, from an known location, shared another bizarre interior design choice which saw chairs made out of radiators, which look rather uncomfortable 

Under the sea! One bathroom sink was made out of a clam shell, a more unusual alternative to the norm

Pandamonium! A social media user, from an unknown location, was left baffled by this room filled to the brim with panda memorabilia

Cover up! Both windows in this room in a US home were built over the headboard, in another weird design decision

Live, laugh, love! In a bid to make laundry more fun, somebody decided to use slogans to add some interest to the process 

Applebottom jeans! Another social media user, from the US, shared this bizarre chair design in a local store 

Another person appeared to ignore health and safety protocols when they hung this ancient chair from a pole in their living room 

Oil be damned! As an alternative solution to breakfast bar chairs, a different person uses oil barrels as seats, giving a very rustic feel to the room

A beautiful ride! One American person’s love for trucks appeared to go too far in this bedroom, as they repurposed an old vehicle for their bed  

Smelly! One person was left in stitches after spotting an unusual looking toilet roll holder in their friend’s home 

Fancy! Another person, believed to be from the US, hung curtains over their bathroom mirror in an unusual design move  

Feeling boxy! Another person decorated every wall of their home with unusual black shelf units 

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