American children who binge watch Peppa Pig start speaking in British accents

If you’ve had a child – or been one – in the age of modern TV then you’ll know that youngsters' lingo can change when they watch certain shows.

You can often hear young British kids saying words in an American accent or using their slang after binging too much Spongebob or Disney Channel.

Occasionally being called "mom" or being asked where the "restroom" is can certainly be jarring!

But, it seems that the phenomenon doesn’t only affect children in the UK.

A study has found that American little ones who binge watched Peppa Pig during the pandemic have begun to speak with English accents.

Which we have to admit sounds pretty adorable…

According to the data, children have been watching a lot more television over the last year which isn’t surprising when schools have closed and lockdowns trapped us all inside.

But, it seems that Peppa Pig was the second most popular TV show being watched – and it’s had a bizarre effect on kids in the United States.

Prolonged exposure to Peppa’s antics has led to American youngsters using phrases like “telly” and “ready, steady, go” which are usually British terms.

And, reports suggest that kids have even dismissed the traditional US pronunciation of “mommy” and are now saying “mummy” instead.

Confused parents spoke to the Wall Street Journal and explained that their kids had started saying “Father Christmas” instead of “Santa” and using expressions like “give it a go”.

One mum noted that her six-year-old started calling the loo the “water closet” which is even old fashioned for actual Brits.

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While another’s five-year-old often commented things like “mummy, are you going to the optician?”

Opticians are usually known as eye doctors in the US.

A spokesperson for the Peppa Pig production company Entertainment One told the publication: "Young Peppa fans see her as a friend… and, as we do with friends that we admire, pick up some of their characteristics."

Has your child said anything unusual which they picked up from TV? Tell us in the comments…

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