American tries fish and chips for first time and is floored by gamechanger

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    An American who tried fish and chips for the first time said one aspect of it was a "gamechanger".

    Although clearly impressed by every aspect of his iconic English grub, YouTuber AJ Slambino just couldn't get enough of one aspect, and kept going back for more. With the full works to tuck into, after a few mouthfuls AJ was left confused as to why his fellow Yanks didn't enjoy the cornerstone of British cuisine.

    The former pro wrestler collected his treat from Seafare Guildford Fish and Chips following the advice of his Brit pal Paul and said if it wasn't up to scratch he'd blame him. However, the restaurant is rated in the top 10 chippies in the country and delivered the goods.

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    With a platter consisting of fish, chips, saveloy, curry sauce, mushy peas and a battered sausage, AJ was leaving no culinary stone unturned.

    To kick off his supper, AJ was told he needed to dip a chip into his curry sauce, which he immediately described as a 'gamechanger'.

    "Why don't we do this in America?" he said. "I don't get it."

    Next up was the mushy peas, which AJ said he was nervous about and described as 'scary looking'.

    However, he quickly had a change of heart when he took his first fork full and was asked for his thoughts.

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    "Honest opinion?" he said. "Why do we eat peas the way we do when we can eat them like this? Because I'd rather eat it like this than a pea, it's way better this way."

    He followed it up with a full mouthful of fish, chips and peas and continued to be impressed.

    "I just don't get why Americans don't like this. I don't understand. This is amazing."

    He then tried a saveloy which he described as 'just like a hot dog', before dipping back into the peas.

    AJ concluded his review on the battered sausage, which saw him reiterate his love of the dish and even suggest he might set up shop in the motherland.

    "I'm gonna open like a shop in America that makes all this, because we're missing out, like American people they're missing out."

    However, he couldn't help but return yet again to his mushy peas, adding: "I'm killing these."

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