Aquarius 2022 yearly horoscope: What the rebellious air sign can expect from 2022

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You’ve always been a bit quirky and unique Aquarius, and 2021 has made you feel the pain of ‘not fitting in’ more than ever. You’re done with not feeling free to be your authentic self, making small talk, and being stuck in the same old routine. Don’t worry, 2022 is going to teach you how to manage these feelings and things are about to brighten up. chatted to Lesley Francis (@lesley.francis on Instagram), a practising astrologer, author and host of the Coloring Outside the Box podcast, to find out the Aquarius 2022 yearly horoscope.

Overall Theme of 2022

The feeling that you are trapped and bogged down by life continues to confront the stick of dynamite in the core of who you are, Aquarius.

You really want this authentic self to come out and light up, but you are “exhausted by the push and pull of the past and the future”.

According to Lesley, all this adds up to one thing – you aren’t really sure about much of anything.

The astrologer said: “That’s okay. Uncomfortable, yes. Helpful, no. Well, not to your logical mind anyway.

“But, this process is not about orderly thoughts or predictable outcomes. It’s about making peace with your past by ridding yourself of any deadwood – mental, physical, emotional or spiritual – you continue to carry.

“The more you do this, the less likely it will be necessary to use that dynamite to clear the decks to create space for a new beginning.

“The space already exists. The key here is to recognise that, as much as you think you are always ready to change, that only works if the change was your idea. Which, in this case, it isn’t.

“Like everyone else, your efforts to take charge of your life have been thwarted time and time again. Take heart though and recognize that you are more adept at adapting now.

“Use that to your advantage, ride the waves of your consciousness, trust yourself and be prepared for the tide to turn in your favour.”


You continue to not be a big fan of people in general, Aquarius.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t and won’t be polite – you’re known for being able to get on with everyone at least at a surface level.

That’s the easy part in 2022, Lesley said, as you do not find amiability difficult.

The astrologer said: “What’s truly challenging is feeling that the rest of the world has gone slightly mad and it’s exhausting.

“The truth is you just don’t have a lot of bandwidth for anyone who isn’t part of your inner circle on either an emotional or intellectual level.”

You desire stimulation and challenge, and this is not what usually passes for social discourse, Aquarius.

Lesley said: “Your usual tolerance and capacity for the same old, same old has disappeared.

“In its place are impatience, crankiness and an overall dislike of the foibles of humanity.

“The key to dealing with this is to make yourself scarce. That way you can actually do what you are meant to do.

“You want to be alone to clear out the detritus of past relationships, so you have new, fertile ground in which to sow seeds for healthier relationships. Including the one, you have with yourself.”

Success and Money

A new cycle in this area of your life begins in February and it requires not just a new goal in life, but a new foundation on which to build it.

Lesley said: “Building this new foundation may feel like doing the impossible right now.

“After all, the only thing you are certain about is that you are not certain about who you are, what you want, what’s most important to you, what you really think and probably everything else in your life.

“It’s like somebody changed all the passwords in your life and now you can’t access anything.

“The first thing you need to embrace is that you don’t have to have all the answers in the next 10 seconds.

“You just need to let one of those aha moments you are so famous for shine a light that you can follow. Because, of course, that’s how life really works. Things always begin with a single spark.

“The bonus for you in 2022 is you will be blessed with an abundance of those sparks. Some to be acted on now, others to be left to blossom in the future.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

The one thing that you think almost always lets you down is your resistance, but that might not be the case this year. 

Lesley said: “You can and will defy any attempt to be pushed in any direction by anyone or anything, including yourself. In fact, your resistance is so automatic it’s almost genetic.”

The key is not to try to override that inclination and just accept that it’s natural for you, Aquarius.

Lesley said: “Resisting your resistance is futile, and you need to recognise that at the root of your resistance, is the need to make sure that the choices you make reflect what is healthiest and best for you. And that’s positive.

“It’s only when you turn your resistance into the sole reason for being that you run into trouble, which could be true in 2022 as you deal with a deep distrust of what is just around the corner. This has the potential to derail the major shift you are craving.”

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