‘Bachelor’ Alums Colton & Cassie Posted The Most FOMO-Inducing Vacation Photos

If you wish you could be at a resort where you could walk along a beach, throw back blended cocktails, and get your hand swatted at by an ocean cat, I can’t help you there. But if you want to scroll through The Bachelor couple Colton and Cassie’s vacation pictures and videos and live viciously through them as you watch them walk along a beach, throw back blended cocktails, and get their hands swatted at by an ocean cat, I can help you there. The Bachelor Season 23’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph went to Bermuda this week, and as is any social media-savvy Bachelor Nation duo’s wont, they have posted about the trip all over Instagram. By all (Instagram) accounts, it looks like they are having a great time at the Loren at Pink Beach.

This excursion is a big relationship milestone for the couple that almost did not happen. As they told E! News right before they went, this is their first post-Bachelor vaycay together. They said,

As far as my eyeballs can tell, it’s going swimmingly. No one’s parent has showed up to try to talk some sense into their kid, no one has jumped over a fence, and Chris Harrison has not had to chase anyone through the jungle in the dead of night. Consider it a success.

Here Is Colton In His Airport Best

You never know when you’re going to need a second hat on a flight.

Here Is Colton Walking On The Beach

Hey, whoever’s responsible for those paper straws in Cassie and Colton’s cocktails? Bravo to you.

Here’s A Cat That Did Not Want To Interact With Cassie

You’ll get ’em next time, Cassie. (Spoiler alert: There is a next time.)

Here Is A Cat That Did Want To Interact With Cassie

You got ’em this time, Cassie. (See? Told you there would be a next time.)

Here Is Cassie In Colton’s Hat

They have fun, don’t they? Hats off to their hat shenanigans.

Here Is Colton In Cassie’s Hat

We all have fun, don’t we? Also, is that sloth tee embroidered?

Here Is Another Look At Colton’s "Vacation Shirt"

Is it a vacation shirt, or is it an homage to the contestant who stole the show on night one of Colton’s season of The Bachelor?

Here Are Colton’s Vacation Eyeballs

All the better to see ocean caves with. Or something like that.

Here Is Colton Enjoying A Meal On A Boat

Oh, I’m not jealous. *Grabs string cheese out of fridge.* *Peels string cheese furiously.* *Plops down in a chair that is not on a boat.* Nope, not jealous at all.

Here Is A Breakfast Spread That I Need Right Now

Man, Colton and Cassie could’ve only posted a photo of this breakfast spread and I would be like, "Wow, they really knocked this vacation out of the park." But then they went and threw some ocean cats and boats into the mix and took the vaycay to a new level.

Here Are Colton & Cassie

The fence jump sure feels like a lifetime ago, doesn’t it? Well, it wasn’t. It was only a few months ago. *Stares off into the distance and thinks about how time is the greatest illusionist of them all.*

Here Are Colton & Cassie Again

It was love at first fence jump.

Big thanks to Colton and Cassie for letting see their first post-Bachelor couple trip. May there be many more in their future.

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