Barmaid quits job to become modern day witch who makes a fortune on Instagram

Many of us associate witches with long warty noses, broomsticks and smoky cauldrons.

But despite this common stereotype, enchantresses actually look very different in real life.

Shawn Engel is a modern day which who uses Instagram to make a living.

After giving up her job as a barmaid in New York, she decided to pursue her real passion.

The influencer has had a keen interest in witchcraft since she was a tween.

And after honing her tarot and healing skills for years, she decided to take a leap by setting up her own business.

Shawn told Daily Star Online: “A few years ago I started a blog called Witchy Wisdoms where I would marry tarot cards with what I was learning in therapy after unpacking a decade of trauma.

“It became quite popular, and when I created an Instagram page for the blog, I found that my ability to scale engagement and followers quickly was a skill worth investing in.”

Setting up social media pages dedicated to her witchy interests has helped the influencer to connect with others.

She revealed: “Instagram has been my favourite platform to connect with magick enthusiasts, baby witches, and even seasoned mystics!

“There are so many levels and types of witchcraft and Instagram has helped us all come together even when we live worlds apart.

“It's become an educational platform as well as a networking device that has allowed me to connect with some incredible people.”

After setting up her Witchy Wisdoms blog and Instagram page, Shawn decided to train as a life coach so she could help others.

She added: “I took life-coaching clients for a year and a half, and now I consult other spiritual business owners that want to use social media to widen their reach and retain clients.

“It's quite rewarding to teach the artists and mystics of the world how to build a business, because it isn't an inherent skill for creatives.”

When she’s not running her business, Shawn explores her witchy interests.

This includes reading tarot cards and following astrology.

She revealed: “(The day of a modern day witch is) different for everyone, which is the beauty of the craft!

“For me, it's completing my morning ritual with some visualisation and meditation, consulting my Tarot cards, and checking in with the day's astrology.

“Then, I complete my daily tasks as needed, and in the evenings I attend the occasional events or work with the energy of the moon.

“My whole life is filled with at least some sort of magick throughout the day, because that's my preferred lens with which I see the world.”

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