Ben Affleck & J.Lo’s Old Prenup Had A Strange (& Sexual) Stipulation

Two decades after calling off their first wedding, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tied the knot in Las Vegas earlier this week. While few details are known about the couple’s current prenup, they were originally planning to sign one that had a strange stipulation.

According to Your Tango, shortly after getting engaged in 2002, Jen requested to include a clause that said they were to have sexual relations no less than four times a week.

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Some reports published earlier this year claim the couple introduced a similar clause into their new prenup. The couple also reportedly included a “no cheating” clause in their original prenup, which was introduced after Ben allegedly spent the night with strippers.

“The prenuptial agreement is to protect both their assets and says that if they do split, they keep their own money, except if Ben cheats,” a source told Daily Mail at the time.

They added, “What she does want is for Ben to give her some guarantee that he will never cheat again.”

Ben and J.Lo originally started dating after meeting on the set of Gigli. They became engaged in 2002 shortly after Jen divorced Cris Judd.

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However, the pair cancelled their wedding days before the event the following year. They subsequently called off their engagement in 2004. They later blamed media pressure for the demise of their relationship. Ben and Jen went on to rekindle their romance in April 2021 and got engaged earlier this year.

There’s no denying the couple’s relationship was at the center of the tabloids during the early 2000s. Ben eventually responded to suspicion over their prenup in a 2003 interview with Vanity Fair.

“You can’t legislate behavior. You’ve got to believe in the person and believe you can meet the challenges you face,” he said at the time. “Neither of us are stupid or naïve. It would be nice if you could have ‘The Rules,’ but you just can’t write it down.”

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However, sources claimed prenup discussions were causing tension between the couple shortly before their wedding earlier this year. “Everything is getting looked over with a fine-tooth comb,” once source said. “And there have been arguments.”

Insiders also claimed this was upsetting Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who was worried about the financial future of their three children. “She doesn’t want him making a bad deal just because he’s a fool in love right now,” a source shared.

Considering J.Lo and Ben did make it down the aisle, it appears the prenup controversy must’ve been worked out.

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