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WE ALL know the benefits of drinking water and in the midst of the UK heatwave, staying hydrated is more important than ever.

As they increasingly become a popular fashion accessory, having a stylish but practical water bottle is the best way to ensure that you can cope with the very un-British heat.

Reusable water bottles (whether glass, hard plastic or stainless steel) have an incredible environmental impact by helping to reduce single-use plastic.

They are also (almost always) BPA free which is a buzzword to look out for when purchasing.

And with so many different options out there it can be easy to get lost.

So we've rounded up a wide range of suggestions for you to choose from with the variety of style options and sizes.

1. Best For Keeping It Cool

  • Chilly's Black Stainless Steel Water Bottle, £20 from Urban Outfitters – buy here

The go-to product for many social media influencers and fitness gurus, the Chilly’s bottle combines both style and simplicity.

With a sleek stainless steel design, the bottle has gained immense popularity for being able to keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours (and also hot for up to 12!); ideal for these summer days!

The bottle also comes in a variety of colours and prints. 

2. Best For Love Island Fans

  • Love Island Water Bottle, £15 from Love Island Shop – buy here

Nothing screams summer more than a bottle inspired by our favourite evening reality show!

With a built-in straw (great for avoiding those lipstick marks) and transparent appearance, it is the perfect way to sip in style.

You can also personalise the bottle with your name just like the Islanders themselves.

This also makes a great gift for any fans of the Villa!

3. Best For Saving Space

  • QUE Collapsible Silicone Bottle, £25 from Selfridges – buy here

This quirky looking bottle actually collapses all the way down when not filled with water – a guaranteed space saver in all handbags!

The silicone is also soft-grip and dishwasher safe (unlike many other bottles) – so say goodbye to hand washing!

4. Best For Filtered Water

  • Brita Fill&Go Water Bottle, £11.21 from Amazon – buy here

For those who want the taste of bottled water coupled with the convenience of the tap, a filter water bottle is a great way to get the taste you want without creating a mountain of plastic bottles.

The replaceable filters inside the bottle work to remove impurities for a fresher, smoother taste.

5. Best For The Taste Of Fruits

  • OMORC Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, £11.79 from Amazon – buy here

A common protest from those who do not drink enough water is that they do not like the taste.

A great way to get around that issue and ensure you’re getting enough H20 is to invest in an infuser water bottle, just like this one.

Fruit can be placed in the middle compartment in the bottle which then infuses into the water for a fruiter, citrus taste – you’ll be drinking more water than ever without even realising.

6. Best For Outdoors

  • Dopper Stainless Steel Drinks Bottle, £24.50 from John Lewis – buy here

Combine the practicality of the outdoors with a sleek office-style look with this stainless steel bottle.

The steel helps keep your drink cold throughout the day and there is even a detachable cup on the top for easy sipping (no need to fear spilling your drink down yourself on the daily commute!).

7. Best Water Tracker Bottle

  • Bevgo Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, £16 from Amazon – buy here

We’re often told to aim for 8 cups of water a day – but how much are 8 cups and who really counts?

Monitor your water intake and keep motivated with this bottle, which has time markings on to show how much you should be drinking at each hour of the day.

It’s a great way to keep track of your water consumption, especially in the office where it is easy to fall into the routine of hourly coffees.

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