Biker lucky to be alive as he goes under level crossing barrier to beat a train

A biker is lucky to be alive after trying to skip across a level crossing before a speeding train missed him by inches.

Network Rail have released footage of the jaw-dropping negligence in a bid to track down the rider so they can face prosecution.

The dramatic footage from a level crossing near Gravesend, Kent, shows a biker just manage to pull himself out of the way of an oncoming train after trying to cross the tracks illegally.

A pedestrian watched on in horror as the near-miss unfolded, in what Network Rail has called a “stark reminder of the dangers of complacency when crossing the railway”.

Vincent van der Hoeven, route level crossing manager for Network Rail, said: “I was taken aback when I saw the footage of this incident, which was unbelievably close to becoming a considerably more serious accident.

“It is an eye-opening reminder to not underestimate the dangers of being distracted when crossing the railway.

“We are reviewing the safety protections at this crossing and would implore users to remain attentive at all times.

“We are working to identify those involved in this incident and would ask anyone with any information to contact the British Transport Police.”

The shocking incident happened at the Shornemead level crossing near Gravesend, Kent, last weekend.

It is among the quicker level crossings, as trains speed past at upwards of 70mph.

British Transport Police Inspector John Pine added: “This is absolutely shocking footage and the person involved is incredibly lucky not to have been seriously injured, or even worse, killed.

“It is hard to comprehend how anyone can have such disregard for the dangers of the railway, and I hope this serves as a strong reminder of the need for vigilance and safety when using level crossings.

“We continue to make enquiries into the incident and I’d ask anyone who recognises those in the footage to get in touch with us.”

There have been several near-misses involving members of the public at the busy crossing in Shornemead – which sees over 120 trains pass through daily, some travelling in excess of 70 miles per hour.

Locals were quick to slam the stupidity. One said: "The pool won't miss those genes."

Another added: "I bet he pooed himself and cried and is now showing his mates the clip giving it large and acting the tough guy."

A third wrote: "And no doubt had he been hit by the train, we would see his tearful family on the news, whinging on about how Network Rail are to blame for the loss of their little angel, how it was not their fault he was illegally riding a bike with no helmet, insurance, or licence."

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