Blind womans safety hacks help her avoid getting drinks spiked on nights out

A blind woman has revealed how she makes sure she doesn't get spiked on a night out.

Claire, who uploads videos to her TikTok account @canseecantsee, has shared what it's like going on a night out as a blind woman.

She said there are certain steps she takes to ensure that she is safe.

"When going out drinking you have to be careful in case your drink gets spiked, when you're blind you're not going to be able to see that so you have to take your safety to the next level," she explained.

"If I'm out with friends I know they're going to look after me but on those rare occasions I'm out with people I don't know I have to look after myself."

The TikToker said that there are specific drinks that she orders to help ensure she isn't spiked.

"I normally order a drink that's in a glass bottle like a Coke or a J20, that way I can put my thumb over the top and I've got a secure grip on it," Claire explained.

"If I'm ordering a mixer it'll come in a tumbler. I don't have a straw and I'll just keep my hand over the top of that.

"If I'm ordering something like a Pornstar Martini or some other cocktail, that's going to spill everywhere because I'm really clumsy. So I'll just down that at the bar."

Claire revealed in the comments that she has been spiked once before.

While she was safe because she was with her friends, she is now extra cautious when on a night out.

Her video has been a hit, as at the time of writing it was viewed more than 600,000 times, with hundreds of people sharing their thoughts.

"It's a sad world when you have to take these precautions. Stay safe," one person wrote.

"This is brilliant! Thank you for the tips," said another.

A third viewer added: "Wise advice for everyone."

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