B&M leaves shoppers laughing after making awkward spelling error blunder on mug

Bargain store B&M has managed to make customers laugh at a spelling error on one of its mugs.

Mugs are a staple in a British household, with us being a nation of tea enthusiasts.

So on the hunt for a new cup to put in their cupboard, one Reddit user stumbled across a star sign mug.

But despite the mug's appealing gold writing and grey ombre background, it unfortunately had a tiny error.

The star sign ‘Pisces’ was spelt wrong.

Taking to Reddit to share the blunder, the original poster titled the gaffe: “Take a trip to your local B&M for your “Pices” mug.”

The astrological sign is supposed to be spelt ‘Pisces’ not ‘Pices’.

Tickled by the spelling blunder, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts.

One person commented: “LOL I might get this for my mom. She's a Pisces and a teacher so it will doubly annoy her.”

Another user remarked: “Got my eye on that Sagittaring mug next to it.”

A third user joked: “Have they got one for Vingos?”

And, someone else decided to join in on the joke, commenting: “Did they have any Capricom?”

Daily Star have approached B&M for comment.

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