Boy can draw intricate cityscapes from memory of just one visit

Alex Baker was in London for just a few hours but when he came home, he was able to draw a map of the Underground in detail.

Then aged just five, his mum Laura Jackson, 32, realised her son was very talented.

Now 11, Alex regularly draws intricate pictures of towns and cities, which are perfectly in perspective, just from his memories.

Alex, who is autistic, has been drawing since he was just two years old and his photographic memory means he can replicate places after visiting them or seeing them in books only once.

His incredible drawings include the Manhattan skyline in New York, with its towering skyscrapers, as well as an aerial view of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in London.

Alex has also drawn other famous London landmarks, such as Tower Bridge, with the Gherkin building in the background and Canary Wharf.

Laura said: ‘He has an incredible memory and will spend hours in his bedroom drawing. It’s his passion and we’re really proud of him.’

Most of the drawings take around three hours, but some of the larger pieces can take him a few days.

He said: ‘I like drawing cities which have lots of buildings and are intricate. My favourite city is London and I really like the financial district as the buildings are so old.

‘I use books for cities which I haven’t visited and sometimes I make up my own cityscapes. I would really love to visit New York one day, so I can draw it, without having to look at a book.’

Alex said he would love to be an artist when he is older and is already considering selling some of his drawings.

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