Bride kicks brother out of wedding after he eloped two months before her day

Weddings are joyous occasions and it's nice to celebrate with your close ones.

But some people like to be secretive about these things and as a result, end up eloping instead of having a big day.

Now one man has landed himself in hot water with his family after revealing the news of his marriage at his sister's wedding.

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The bloke revealed how he and his husband got married in secret in June and hadn't told their families.

His relatives only found out as they questioned the rings during the wedding the next morning, so he came clean.

Posting on Reddit, the man said: "My husband and I eloped in late June. Neither of us had ever dreamed of a big wedding.

"We fell in love with the opposite concept, which was doing it privately and getting to keep that special memory between us two.

"We had plans to throw a party around our one-year anniversary so our families could celebrate with us then.

"So far we hadn't told my side of the family that we had tied the knot."

The man explained how he lives a few hours from his family and wanted to tell them in person rather than over the phone.

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He continued: "My sister got married yesterday, traditional wedding style.

"We drove down Friday afternoon and said our hellos, but kept to ourselves and let her and her bridal party do their thing.

"She was focused on a million other things and rings on mine and my husband's fingers were the last thing on her mind."

But then the next morning during breakfast, the man's mum noticed the wedding bands and started quizzing them.

So when he gave in, his sister got so angry that she asked him to leave, even after apologising.

The rest of the day went nicely, but the bride was still angry as she claimed they wore the rings to steal the light of her big day.

"My husband and I are obviously very embarrassed, but we don't fully believe the onus falls on us here," the man added.

People on Reddit were split over the issue with many claiming he was in the wrong.

One said: "I don't believe you didn't have a thought between the two of you that wearing bands wouldn't attract questions.

"Look, it's fine to elope. It's fine to have a small wedding. It's not okay to announce hours before a sibling's wedding that you eloped.

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"That's just awkward for everyone. And attention-grabbing."

Another slammed: "Common courtesy is not to make big announcements at someone else's event.

"You should have either told people before the wedding or not worn the rings.

"I respect wanting a small or non-existent wedding, but hiding your marriage feels shady as f**k."

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