Bride makes genius hangover kits for her bridal party to prevent any sore heads

Oh, how we adore a good wedding.

The glam, the dancing, the memories, there’s a lot to enjoy and savour.

Something we aren’t too keen on, however, is the hangover the next day.

From the unquenchable thirst to the unyielding headache, it is something we’d rather like to avoid at all costs.

When you are a member of the bridal party, you are an integral part of the celebrations, meaning you throw yourself fully into the festivities. It is almost inevitable that the head and body won’t be feeling the best the day after the night before.

But now one bride has created a genius hangover kit for her bridal party to help them feel their best after the wedding.

TikTok user Keely Butcher shared the gifts she will be presenting to her nearest and dearest on the big day.

And she didn’t hold back, thinking of everything you could possibly need post-party.

The kits included plasters for sore and tired feet, a sachet of coffee for a wake-up call, toothpaste, hair ties, mints, face wipes and most importantly, painkillers.

Making up the hangover kits for our wedding 🆘 #weddingtiktok #wedding #hangoverkits #fypfyp

A simple and effective idea, the video received over 229,000 views and TikTok users were quick to commend Keely for the thought she put into the kits.

‘This is amazing,’ commented one viewer.

‘Everything is so tiny. I love the idea, definitely stealing it,’ said another.

Meanwhile, many wished to know where Keely purchased the mini products.

In a reply to comments, the bride to be said she purchased most of the items from Amazon, while the gift bags were bought from an Etsy seller called ‘OhHappyPartyCo.’

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