Celebrity’s most unusual pets: from Katie Price’s hedgehog to Lydia Bright’s pig

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, but these celebrities seem to have avoided that advice in lieu of more exotic companions. Here are five famous faces and their peculiar pets.

Justin Bieber's monkey

Justin Bieber used to have a monkey, and while to beliebers this might have been a cuteness overload, it is actually a very sad story. OG Mally was illegally purchased for the singer back in 2013. He was then rescued by German authorities when Justin went on tour.

Speaking to GQ back in 2016 Justin said: “Honestly, everyone told me not to bring the monkey. Everybody. Everyone told me not to bring the monkey. I was like ‘It’s gonna be fine, guys! It was the farthest thing from fine.”

Justin was not able to produce paperwork that enabled him to keep the monkey so he was sent to a zoo, but after five years he is apparently still struggling from the trauma of captivity. A specialist from the Serngeti Wildlife Park where he now lives said that when the monkey arrived he was “frightened” and “disorientated”.

Asia Knoth, a representative of the zoo, told Babe: "He still has issues speaking the capuchin language. He still tries to imitate human speech. He sometimes makes weird scratchy sounds which are not typical for capuchins. That’s why we think he still tries to talk to humans."

"It took a while for him to get there because he was taken away from his mother and natural family way too early. He did not learn to be a monkey.”

Lydia Bright’s pig

Pigs in blankets are a fave for a most of us around the Christmas season, however what would you do if you received an actual pet pig? Well, this happened to Lydia Bright in 2011 when her then-boyfriend James Argent gifted her a micro-pig that she named Mr Darcy.

Unfortunately, however, Mr Darcy was not so much a micro-pig as a massive pig and quickly outgrew the star’s Essex home. Lydia explained to Lastminute.com: "He went to a farm because he stayed at our house for quite a while and he was getting bigger and bigger.

"It just wasn’t working and we were so scared for our dog Trevor, who was so old and Mr Darcy tried to play with him and jump on his back and we were scared the dog would collapse.” Guess that unlike dogs, pet pigs are sometimes just for Christmas.

Katie Price’s hedgehog

Katie Price has a range of pets in her so-called “mucky mansion”, from horses to dogs to chickens to guinea pigs. However, perhaps the most unusual of her animal housemates is Peggy the hedgehog, who belongs to her daughter Princess, 12.

The African hedgehog recently escaped, as Katie announced in a video posted to her Youtube account. "Let everyone say mucky mansion, let everyone say it's looking worse for wear, yes. But you wait to see what I'm doing, it's smart. I'm [a] genius," she said.

Then went on to explain that: “for some reason one escaped. We know there's a hedgehog somewhere in this house because you leave food and it eats it."

However after fans were left concerned, yesterday, 17 October, a source confirmed to The Sun that: "Peggy is back – Katie always knew she’d find her again."

Paris Hilton’s kinkajou

Paris Hilton had a pet kinkajou called Baby Luv. A kinkajou is a mammal for the tropical rainforest family and can be quite aggressive. In fact, back in 2006 Baby Luv bit Paris.

At the time her publicist, Elliot Mintz, told The Associated Press: “Baby luv bit her. It’s a superficial bite on her left arm. She was seen by a doctor, who treated the wound, gave her a tetanus shot, cleaned the wound and applied something to it.”

Even so Baby Luv and Paris reconciled their feud and continued to be regulars on the party circuit in the noughties.

Mike Tyson's tigers

It won't come as a shock to know that the former heavyweight boxing champion wanted tigers as a pet. He reportedly bought three bengal tigers at £48,000 each, and the additional maintenance costs wouldn't have come cheap.

Although they are undoubtedly majestic creatures, it's not just the cost element that should put you off owning such a large cat. He eventually had to give up his pets, but not before one head-butted his gold teeth out when he tried to give them a kiss.

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