Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz stroll through Central Park

Maybe-couple Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz have stepped out on another quintessentially New York date, strolling through Central Park Friday.

Zazum — we’ll be workshopping some couple nicknames here; let us know if anything sticks — hit the park sans BMX bike this time around, though Tatum did have an iced coffee, another hallmark of the couple’s outings in the city, in hand.

The 41-year-old “Magic Mike” star wore black pants, sunglasses and a set of white sneakers for the outing, along with a shirt Page Six vaguely remembers seeing in a Spencer’s Gifts once, in which the Ford logo has been hilariously altered to read simply “F–k.”

Kravitz, 32, opted for no such whimsy in her outfit, rocking a black cropped tank top and wide-leg pants with a tan purse.

Kravum’s walk, accompanied as it was by an unnamed pal — perhaps acting as a chaperone — was more distanced than their BMX ride around the East Village and featured conspicuously fewer laughs.

Chavitz has been steadily picking up steam since rumors of their coupledom first trickled out in January. They were snapped on back-to-back outings in the city, accompanied by Tatum’s bikes, last week, and then were more recently seen leaving an upstate grocery store with supplies for a weekend away that included bouquets of flowers.

Other big Zanning news: Zoë finalized her divorce from husband Karl Glusman this week, and Tatum started following a fan account dedicated to the “High Fidelity” actress.

Chaoë reportedly met on the set of “Pussy Island,” Kravitz’s directorial debut, in which Tatum plays the lead.

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