Chris Browns Ex-Housekeeper Wants $71 Million After Dog Attack

Chris Brown could be on the hook for $71 million after his dog brutally attacked one of his former housekeepers. The victim — who filed the suit using the pseudonym Jane Doe — was left “screaming in terror and calling out for help” following the attack, which she says Brown tried to cover up.

The incident — which took place in 2020 — happened while the housekeeper was employed at Brown’s mansion in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. According to the lawsuit, the unidentified victim was taking out the trash when “a very large brown dog” approached her and began to “viciously and brutally” maul and bite her.

The dog — a Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka appropriately named Hades — was “literally tearing out and ripping off large chunks of her skin from her face and her arms,” according to the housekeeper’s lawsuit.

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“She is screaming in terror and calling out for help, yet no one came to her assistance,” attorney Nancy Doumanian wrote on behalf of the victim. “At the time, the occupants of the home included the defendant Brown, his security guards or security team members. As she lay there bleeding profusely, barely able to see as blood was covering her eyes, face, and body, she observes defendant Brown approach her, standing over her, as he is speaking on his cell phone.”

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According to Doumanian, Hades “is allowed to roam loose and free around the premises” and the “petite female” victim was never informed of this.

Immediately after the attack, the Look At Me Now singer allegedly ordered his security detail to round up all of his dogs and remove them from the property. Security reportedly took the pup responsible for the attack “to a nebulous location in Humboldt County” to “dispose of the dog.”

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According to NBC News, Humboldt County records show that the dog “was aggressive and unsuitable for adoption after its owner surrendered it” and further noted that the owner “is a celebrity and the injuries were extensive, 80 stitches in the face and arms.”

Now, court documents uncovered by Radar are revealing the hefty dollar amount the victim wants Brown to pay as part of her lawsuit: $71 million.

Source: Radar, NBC News

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