Christmas-obsessive buys and wraps all her gifts three years in advance

There are two different types of parents when it comes to Christmas…

Some mums and dads are prepared months before the big day while others scramble to get their shopping in during December.

However, one mum has blown both types of parents out of the water with her extreme present buying.

She admitted that she’s already completed her present buying for the next three years – and has wrapped everything too.

The super organised mum shocked fellow Christmas-obsessives when she posted a snap of her stash online.

The Australian wrote on Facebook: "2021, 2022, 2023 Christmas gifts, all in individual gift bags with persons name and the year written on the gift tag."

The gift bags shown were chock full of gifts and goodies.

They were all stashed away in cupboards ready to be pulled out in the right year – and, commenters were impressed.

One person said: “Well done. At least you know there is always an option to swap around gifts or add something."

She added: "Basically a present box but already bagged. Good for you."

While another woman said that her mum “would love” this as she “snaps up great deals" when she spots them.

However, others weren’t as keen and said that they’d likely have ended up giving the gifts to their kids early.

And, others said Christmas shopping at the last minute is more their style.

One said: "And here’s me being impressed with myself if I buy all my presents by December 23rd and don’t have to brave the shops on Christmas Eve.”

Another added: "I'm curious about who these are for and what's in them.

“What my four-year-old liked last December is already so far removed from what she plays with now I can't imagine how I could make this work.

"I tend to buy for the person and what they need each year but if there's a way to be more efficient and still make generic presents appreciated each year I'm all ear."

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And, fellow parent noted that her children changed their minds all the time about what they want.

So, she said that "buying three years ahead would be a terrible waste."

Others actively disliked the plan.

One person said: "This isn't a smart idea at all, it is stupid. People change a lot in three years."

"Too bad if they bought themselves whatever you have wrapped instead of waiting for it for three years,” added another.

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