Coca-Cola's Christmas advert 2020: dad's epic journey to deliver his daughter's letter to Santa

COCA-COLA is best known for its iconic "The Holidays Are Coming" Christmas advert – but this year's epic adventure will have you in tears.

It starts with a father leaving his family and little daughter just before Christmas to work on an oil rig.

His daughter stops his car as it pulls out of the drive way to give him her letter for Santa.

Sipping on a bottle of Coca-Cola the dad sees the letter at the bottom of his lunch box case.

He jumps off the oil rig on to a rib – but the engine packs up.

As he's lying on the boat a blue whale swims underneath and jumps out of the sea, tossing the dad into the ocean.

The dad manages to grab onto the letter and swim ashore.

His battle to the north pole sees him climb mountain faces, trek through a bug-infested forest and even riding a motorbike across a desert.

With his expedition finally drawing to a close he sees a snow-covered house, lit up by the northern lights in the distance.

But as he gets to the doorstep he sees a sign, which says: "Closed for Christmas".

That's when Coca-Cola's famous festive truck pulls up to save him (of course!).

When he jumps out the driver gives him back his letter.

The dad reads it and instead of a list of presents from his daughter, it says: "Dear Santa, Please bring daddy home for Christmas."

He looks up and there is his daughter and the duo are reunited. A caption appears: "This Christmas, give something only you can give."

Before it's revealed Santa is the one driving the truck.

The ad is made by Oscar nominated director Taika Waititi, who is behind films like Jojo Rabbit and the new Star Wars film.

The epic ad will appear on TV in December and will run alongside Coca-Cola's traditional "Holidays are Coming" ad featuring the truck.

The iconic ad isn't on telly yet but we hear it will be very soon.

Kris Robbens, darketing director, Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “As a company, Coca-Cola has been celebrating the festive season through our advertising since the 1920s, featuring uplifting messages of unity and joy.

"Our new advert reflects the real magic of Christmas – our greater appreciation for loved ones, a sense of community and our need to be present with each other this Christmas, above all else.”

The drinks giant is in the battle to beat other Christmas ads, including Aldi's Kevin the Carrot and Amazon's tale of a ballet dancer whose performance is cancelled due to Covid.

We don't know yet when the John Lewis ad will be released, while Tesco, Sainsbury's and Lidl haven't dropped theirs either.

But there are still plenty of Christmas adverts to enjoy and get in the festive spirit.

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