Couple make luxury 6-course Christmas dinner for less than £5 each from Iceland

A savvy couple has showed how they grabbed their Christmas dinner bargains for less than £5 per head.

Dan and Mazzy, who share their motorhome life on YouTube Travel Trolls TV, went to Iceland for a bargain shopping and bagged themselves some decent festive meals.

"We've never shopped in Iceland before, so we went in and found the Christmasy stuff – loaded fries, some lovely pasta dishes," Dan said.

"I've never seen such a selection of food which I personally would adore."

The couple managed to see most of their choices on the luxury range except the main course – turkey.

They bought a bacon wrapped turkey, bacon and stilton sprouts, carrot baubles, pork and cranberry stuffing, chipolatas in blankets, beef dripping Yorkshires, roast parsnips and roast potatoes – all for £19.65.

Mazzy added: "The beauty of it for me is all of these go in to the oven. I'm well happy about that."

They made the meal just under one hour and the food is enough to feed four people.

Dan picked up a Yorkshire pudding and gave an honest first impression, saying: "I think that's better than the one they showed in pictures.

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"That looks amazing and it's not soggy underneath."

They also love the vegetable packs they picked but Dan prefers the sweet, juicy Parisienne carrot balls and Mazzy loves it traditional roasted version.

"Absolutely incredible, well done Iceland, highly recommend people to buy this," they added.

"For less than £5 per person you can cook a Christmas dinner in less than an hour and it will be as good as you get anywhere else."

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Some of their fans said they were drooling over their screens while watching Dan and Mazzy's food review.

One said: "Great review, we've been having takeaway curry for years for Christmas day as before that I was stuck in the kitchen for hours trying to be a domestic goddess."

A second commented: "Iceland is very underrated store… learn to pick want you really enjoy. Kept us going all through 2020 and 2021."

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