Curvy woman claims men who make fun of fat girls actually love them

A plus size TikToker flaunted her curves in a swimsuit while claiming fat-phobic men "actually love plus size women".

Steph Oshiri, from Ontario in Canada, often shares her fashion purchases to inspire other curvy women what they could wear to look amazing.

The 28-year-old recently posted a video to show a clip of her in a simple black one-piece bathing suit, which reveals her love handles and hip dips.

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She said: "Okay this is a quick public service announcement – men that like to make fun of fat girls love fat girls.

"You can't argue with me on this, it's a fact."

In her second video she shows appreciation to love handles – the area of skin that extend outward from the hips – and suggested to bring back low-waisted jeans for big girls.

Her fans love Steph's summer fashion looks and many agreed with what she said.

One man said: "She's definitely telling the truth, they are so fun and lovable."

"It takes a real man to love a big girl," another commented and a third expressed: "I know I love, love fat girls. But I don't make fun of them at all because I love them too much!"

Some said Steph is "not fat" as they praised how gorgeous and beautiful she is.

"Please don't say you're fat, you are lovely and stunning in that bathing suit!" a fan wrote and a second added: "You aren't even fat, you are gorgeous and look sexy."

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Meanwhile, a big-breasted woman suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she tried on "the biggest bikini size" on Shein.

Gilly put on a neon green and pink bikini to show how unflattering the swimsuit looked on her.

The fabric barely covered the sides of her boobs and it left her saying "immediately no" to the bikini.


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