Dad to let son swear as soon as he can talk – & doesnt care about backlash

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A lot of parents will try and protect their child from swear words and don't want them to curse.

However, one dad has admitted he's not bothered if his child uses expletives as soon as he can talk.

Father Connor Robertson took to TikTok to share the reason why he'll let his son curse as he grows up.

In a video on the site, he revealed that one of his "unpopular opinions about parenting" is that he will let his newborn son swear when he grows older.

"My kid will be allowed to swear, I do not care how old he is and I don't care if it upsets you or your children," he admitted.

"He is more than likely going to grow up to be an adult who swears so might as well let him practice while he can."

He admitted that he and his wife have a bet going on whether their son's first words will be "I love you" or "F**k".

This is because they are the two most popular words in their household.

Connor also said that they will teach their son to use the correct words for a person's genitals.

"No slang terms allowed," he exclaimed proudly.

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Lastly, the dad said that they will teach his son to not look at toys for a specific gender.

"If he wants to play with whatever, then he can play with it," he shrugged.

"For example, he has a pink chair that we bought him at a garage sale – why?

"Because it was cheaper than the blue one and it really does not matter.

"So yes, my son has a pink chair that he plays with and he absolutely loves it."

After the dad revealed some of the things he was going to teach his son, many parents applauded him, with one woman saying that she also lets her children curse.

"They could not be used in anger towards someone else though," she added.

We're not sure everyone may agree, though.

Meanwhile one mum has hit headlines this week over a parenting dilemma as she admitted her child gets teased for being named after an animal.

The mother asked Reddit users if she was a "huge a**hole" for addressing him by his quirky nickname, instead of his real moniker.

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