Daily horoscope for February 4: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Thursday’s horoscope primarily features the Scorpio Moon hitting its final quarter. Astrology experts suggest this can mean you have to fight fires on several fronts today as this cosmic chemistry is commonly associated with heightened emotional intensity.

As a result, if your feelings are a little supercharged, please bear in mind this is simply your mettle being put to the test.

But because this is thankfully a friendly blend, the Scorpio Moon should ensure nothing too serious will take place today.

The worst-case scenario may simply find the daily grind cutting a little too close for comfort, meaning you may need to rely on stamina reserves this Thursday.

The day’s first combination made by this lunar Moon in Scorpio involves Uranus and Jupiter.

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An Opposition such as this occurs when two planets are positioned across the Zodiac wheel from each other.

Horoscope authorities suggest this mix can generate a sudden rush of volatility.

Such tension is really only to be expected as the atmosphere is always considered to be intense when the Moon is in Scorpio.

The event you have in store this Thursday involves another Opposition – this time with Moon connecting with a rather irate Mars.

This aspect with the Red Planet is responsible for further fanning the flames – as if things were not hot enough already.

A Square with the Sun arrives in the skies in the early afternoon, suspected by some to trigger an overdue reality check.

Squares are aspects reportedly revealing annoying issues in one’s life, reflecting the specific planets involved.

This can manifest itself with a stripped-down version of the truth staring you in the face this Thursday evening.

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Another square with Jupiter is sure to magnify this seeming solar explosion ten-fold.

This may trigger urgent self-examination, with you questioning whether you are fit to handle exasperating situations.

Hopefully, all that is avoidable with a healthy dose of good luck – just the thing Jupiter can supply.

The Moon then begins winding-down for the day following a hectic shift, with a Trine with Neptune as night draws in.

Astrologers recognise Trines to involve a pair of planets positioned roughly 120 degrees apart.

A consequence of this specific combination may involve rekindled romantic ideas.

Enjoy this soothing way to calm your frayed nerves with the welcome release of Neptune in Pisces.

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