Daily horoscope for September 25: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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In today’s horoscope, the Moon can still be found in Capricorn, which brings out the best in Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. The alignment of the Moon and the outer planets will give you the strength to achieve your goals, giving you power to take the first steps.

Making those initial movements will give you a sense of authority, but Mars will be there to test you.

The Red Planet will force you to confront those who oppose you, whether that be in your career or your romantic life.

But the Moon in Capricorn will be there to strengthen your power, as Capricorn needs to be in control.

However, this will rub off on you and give you the strength to confront those tricky conversations you have been putting off.

Take today to focus on what you need to do, and how you will do it.

Jupiter is also in Capricorn, which will bring with it optimism and bring hope to the end of what has been a tricky week.

Pluto and Saturn will also cross the Moon, which will bring gravitas to the situations you face.

These two will bring with it a sense of seriousness which you have perhaps been lacking.

You will look for longterm, positive solutions which will allow you to put the right structures in place.

Now is the time to set things up just how you want them.

But be warned, nighttime may cause chaos tonight.

The Moon will once again cross paths with Mars, as well as Mercury, but this will again reiterate your desires to find a practical solution.

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Astrology.com said: “Someone who is known for being unusually introverted could surprise you today when they burst out of their shell and stir up some exciting ideas.

“Get involved with what they have got going on. After all, if it has created such a dramatic transformation in their life, it must be something worth pursuing.

“Things are changing for them, and you are an inspiration for some of that change.

“This is your chance to be someone’s personal cheerleader. Get out there and give them a hand.”

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