Dancing on Ice's Caprice blasts 'evil' coronavirus as she reveals her grandmother, 91, has died

DANCING On Ice star Caprice Bourret has shared her heartbreak after her beloved grandma died of Covid-19.

The 49-year-old dubbed the virus "evil" as she spoke of her grief, telling fans she had a "broken heart" after her family member passed away at the age of 91.

Model Caprice took to Instagram to share family snaps to pay tribute to her grandmother, urging fans to "stop the spread" by following government guidelines.

She penned to her followers: "Another sleepless night, numb, crying, hurting. It's raw, I still don't believe it when I say it.

"Covid just took my beautiful, brave Grandma to Heaven, it took her from us forever."

Caprice went on to explain how the pair were "so close" as her grandma took care of her as a child while her mum worked to "provide for their family".

The star revealed her grandma died quickly after the Covid-19 diagnosis, fighting the virus for three days.

She added: "I just don't understand, the first day diagnosed with Covid and her oxygen levels were compromised, fever, sleeping all the time.

"The next day the fever [was] gone, drinking a lot, eating and all vitals stable. Doctor said she was unbelievable, he hadn’t seen improvements like this so fast.

"We thought she was on her way to full recovery. Next day, Covid took my beautiful Grandma to Heaven. I can't believe this is real. I can't believe she is gone.

"It happened so fast I couldn’t say goodbye and thank her for all her sacrifices and guidance and endless love."

An emotional Caprice went on to describe her grandma as "healthy, strong, a survivor, a force to be reckoned with", calling the virus "evil" for taking her.

"I know it is such a tough time for everyone but please take Covid seriously," she begged her fans. "Please follow guidelines. Please stay home.

"You may be strong enough to fight it but what if you have it and give it to someone who isn’t as strong as you like my grandma. I just think if we work together the faster we can save lives and stop the spread."

She concluded the moving post by quoting her seven-year-old son, who after the death told his mum Covid "likes how bad some people are".

"He said, 'Mommy, we have to take care of our planet and other people, if we don't COVID won't stop. It likes how bad some people are, that is why it is here'," Caprice explained.

"My beautiful Grandma is so special and so loved. I miss her so much with all my broken heart. G-d bless all who lost there loved ones. I am so very and deeply sorry.'"

It's not the first time Caprice has seen Covid first hand after it was reported that one of her sons came down with the virus before Christmas.

While she had hoped to jet off abroad with her two sons and husband Ty Comfort for the festive season, they were forced to cancel their plans.

The star was reportedly sat nervously waiting to 'catch Covid' after her asymptomatic son tested positive.

A source told the Mail Online: "She is like a sitting duck and a bit worried she is next."

Caprice, Ty and their seven-year-old boys, Jett and Jax, isolated at home in line with the NHS and Government rules.

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