Dog owners call police after five pets vanish in care of professional dogsitter

Distraught dog owners have contacted police after their pets went missing while under the watch of a professional dogsitter.

Louise Lawford is reported to have told the owners that their pooches ran off on Sunday after being spooked by a gunshot.

But the owners have contacted West Midlands Police about the disappearances.

The dogs are still being considered as 'lost' by the police force.

According to a 'missing' poster for the pooches, their microchips have had a 'stolen' alert placed on their records.

The missing dogs are eight-year-old pug Pablo; half-blind pug Charlie, three; Jack Russell Maggie, six; five-year-old pug Ralph; and French bulldog Brindle Jack, 18 months.

Jack's owner James Egan told The Sun : “Something doesn’t sit right."

He added that when all the owners found out about the missing dogs they 'came together and contacted police'.

Becky Parsons is the owner of Pablo and Maggie. She said: "This is my worst nightmare.

“I lost my dad, nan, granddad and partner in a short space of time and Maggie and Pablo are my comfort.”

A statement from West Midlands Police said: "Pet owners have been contacted to determine what happened to dogs that allegedly went missing under the care of a Birmingham-based dog sitter.

"If there is evidence to suggest the dogs have been stolen, or harmed in any way, a criminal investigation will be progressed.

"If there’s nothing to support the allegation, it remains a civil matter, and the owners will then be advised to pursue civil action against the business.

"At present, enquires are ongoing and anyone with information regarding the lost dogs can contact West Midlands Police with information."

Mirror Online has attempted to contact Louise Lawford but has not received a response.

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