Donald Trump and Melania: President’s wife ‘rather unsure’ after Presidential Debate

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Melania Trump appeared at the end of Donald Trump’s debate, as Joe Biden’s wife also did. Melania walked up to her husband at the culmination of the first debate.

She appeared to mouth something to her husband, before standing beside him.

The President reached out an arm and patted the First Lady on the arm as she stood beside him.

Joe Biden’s wife Jill, walking up to her husband and embracing him in a full-frontal hug.

She appeared to say words of support is his ear as the pair embraced closely.

This formed an important part of the debate, according to the body language expert.

Judi told “With the small audience and with no sign-off handshake between the two men it was left to the wives to perform the acted victory rituals at the end.”

How did Melania’s appearance appear, according to the professional?

“Melania’s dashing pin-stripe business suit added an air of something more structured to Team Trump but she hovered on the edge of the stage looking rather unsure about her big entrance,” Judi said.

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“She smiled at Trump as she walked across and as she turned to stand beside him he rubbed at her upper arm as though offering her reassurance rather than the other way round.”

What did the expert make of Jill’s appearance?

“Biden’s wife, meanwhile, was in full hug mode before smiling and hailing the audience in her mask as though he were the victor.”

Judi also analysed the debate as a whole, and claimed Joe Biden the winner in her professional opinion. 

She claimed Trump would have lost points for his red face.

“Biden would have won it on points in my book, but this scrappy, angry, insult-trading, two hour row was probably exactly what the US and the rest of the world didn’t want to see in terms of non-verbal signals of strong, wise leadership during a time of crisis, and in the end the wives looked very much like two mums picking their brawling kids up from the school gate,” Judi said.

She said: “Clearly keen to dispel his ‘Sleepy Joe’ nickname that Trump’s team have given him, Biden shot out to his lectern looking lean and relatively fresh to stand upright with what looked like confidence and enthusiasm as the rather heavy and less energetic-looking President made his own way across the stage.”

Judi claimed Donald lost out of being able to use his handshake, a formidable weapon in his arsenal.

Donald’s daughter was at the event to support her father in the first debate of this election.

Ivanka Trump wore a £3,000 white suit.

The outfit, which costs just over £3,000 comes from one of her favourite brands, Gabriela Hearst.

Ivanka left the blazer slightly open and tied it around the middle to cinch in her petite waist.

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