Epileptic dad lay unconscious in theme park maze for 8 hours after suffering fit

An epileptic dad lay unconscious in a theme park maze for eight hours after suffering a fit while playing hide and seek with his sons.

Ross Down was playing hide and seek with his two sons in the Seascape Mirror Maze at Woodlands in Devon when strobe lighting triggered his epilepsy.

The father-of-two lay unconscious for eight hours before waking in total darkness at 1am on the floor.

Ross, 35, said: "It's quite shocking what happened. Even the police couldn't believe it when they arrived."

As he lay unconscious, members of Woodland staff "did everything within their power to locate him" and say were not informed of his condition.

He added: "Thank God I had my phone with me.

"I was in total darkness and I always feel disorientated after a seizure. The police phone operator guided me to where they knew the fire exits were but it was difficult because I'm not very coherent when I first come 'round."

Police officers who attended took Ross home to Exmouth where his mother was caring for his sons Joshua, 10, and Jack, seven.

Ross said when he disappeared at about 5pm the alarm was raised by his family who told Woodlands staff that he was vulnerable because of his epilepsy, reports Devon Live.

He said: "My mum, step-dad and my boys looked for me and the team at Woodlands did a search but nobody could find me.

"I don't blame my family for leaving – the boys were upset and they had no idea what else to do."

The last thing he remembers is playing hide and seek and having fun with his boys.

He says he reached a section with strobe lighting, adding: "There were no warning signs about the strobe lighting. I began to feel unwell and was looking for a way out.

"The next thing I knew I woke up lying on the floor in total darkness. I was really shaky and disorientated. There were no exit signs.

"The police phone operators talked me to the exit and I met the police. They came in with me to have a look because even they couldn't believe what had happened to me.

"I had rung my mum when I came round and she was so upset – she had tried to tell the staff that I was vulnerable. She felt that Woodlands were not taking the situation seriously.

"The police were amazing. They were shocked as well. "

The incident happened three weeks ago on Saturday September 14 at around 5pm to 6pm.

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